A new coelurosaurian dinosaur from the Forest Sandstone of Rhodesia

The article that first describes and names Syntarsus, a dinosaur from Africa similar to (and considered by some to be another species of) Coelophysis.

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A new coelurosaurian saurischian dinosaur is described from the Forest Sandstone (Upper Triassic) of Rhodesia. It compares closely with the American Upper Triassic Coelurosaur Coelophysis, but differences in the pelvis and tarsus indicate generic separation of the two forms. On the basis of its characteristically fused tarsal elements (leaving only one free) it is named Syntarsus rhodesiensis gen. et. sp. nov., but it is concluded that it belongs to the family Podokesauridae. It was clearly fully bipedal, and a lightly built, active predator on smaller vertebrates, as is indicated by what are believed to be bony stomach contents. Its discovery establishes for the first time the presence of coelurosaurian populations in the Upper Triassic deposits of Africa, from which the later known Jurassic forms may have developed.